Wonder #2: What is a Worthy Goal?

Creating a goal is often one of the first things that facilitators are asked to do. The dilemma for me was that I did not know what my community’s needs were before creating a goal that was to drive the work and learning. As a result, I learned that a goal needs to be flexible enough to allow me to respond to the needs of community members yet specific enough to drive the work. An example:

Math Goal

While a goal is imperative, the plan to take an idea into action is key. It is the actions towards a goal that drive the thinking and work of both facilitator and community. A Math Goal Logic Model (University of Wisconsin – Extension, n.d.) is a useful way to outline the steps required to move from idea to action to meeting that goal.

When developing a logic model, consider:

Logic Model Instruction

Actualizing a complex learning plan is not a one year process. While continuous adjustments are necessary to be responsive to new situations, a suggestion is a three year plan, such as:

logic Model with years

Year 1: The first year of implementation needs facilitators and leadership to focus on forming the foundation of support, including resources, people, and online collaboration spaces.

Year 2: The second year of implementation focusses on short term and possibly medium term outcomes.

Year 3: The third year of implementation focusses on all of the outcomes, maintaining the relationship between teacher learning and student learning. The focus of a facilitator needs to be equally on the learning needs of teachers and the learning outcomes of students.


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