Curriculum Leadership

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There are many resources that support instructional leaders in Saskatchewan. This page is meant to supplement the SPDU “Curriculum Leadership” workshops occurring in January, 2016. Eventually, a complete list will be available on the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation website http://www.stf.sk.ca

General Instruction and Assessment

Formative Assessment

Clarifying, Understanding, and Sharing Learning Intentions

Eliciting Evidence of Student Achievement

Providing Feedback that Moves Learning Forward

Activating Students as Instructional Resources for One Another

Activating Students as Owners of Their Own Learning

Early Learning

Better Beginnings, Better Futures

Emerging Literacy Checklist

SPDU Early Learning Dec, 2015


Understanding Curriculum English Language Arts


Grade K to 4 Curriculum Conceptual Through-lines

Grade 5 to 9 curriculum Conceptual Through-Lines

Continuum of Essential Learning Outcomes Grade K – 10

NCTM: Figure This – Families and Math

Arts Education:

Arts Education Across the Grades 6 – 9

Arts Education Across the Grades K – 5

Renewed K-9 Arts Education and Treaty Essential Learnings

The Capacity of Asessment in Arts Education

Physical Education:

Building Stronger Citizens through Physical Education

Physical Literacy Summary

Senior Science:

SK Science Curriculum Topics 2015

Saskatchewan Senior Science Curriculum Renewal Parent Presentation

Inquiry in Science Education

Assessing Inquiry

Science Education Outreach Organizations – NOV 2015

SPDU Science Workshops Dec, 2015

Senior Mathematics:

Grade 7 to 10 Curriculum Conceptual Through-lines

Grade 9 to 11 Curriculum Conceptual Through-lines Including Modified

Grade 9 to 12 Workplace and Apprenticeship Conceptual Through-lines

Grade 9 to 12 Foundations Conceptual Through-lines

Grade 9 to 12 PreCalculus Conceptual Through-lines

Continuum of Essential Learning Outcomes Grade K – 10