Building Trust or Being Trustworthy?

We often hear about the importance of building trust within a community of learners. Community members need to trust each other, they need to trust their facilitator, and a facilitator needs to trust their community members. How does this occur? As I reflect on the qualities of a leader, I re-watched a TED Talk that helped me differentiate between increasing trust and increasing trustworthiness.

So, how do facilitators of professional learning show that they find their community members trustworthy? How do we show trust?

Showing Trust

And then there is being trustworthy ourselves – how are we make ourselves worthy of the trust that community members place in us as facilitators?

Being Trustworthy

Building trusting relationships is imperative to building strong communities of learners. Showing trust and being worthy of trust as a facilitator are foundational steps.


What ‘Together We Can’ Means

Posted in Learning Community by iwonderstand on April 13, 2014

I often think about the power of community and collaboration. The complexities of the education landscape continue to demand a breakneck pace of change. Separately, we all have minds and ideas and initiatives and plans that we work on to further education and learning in our schools and classrooms. There is something almost magical that happens when we put all of that energy together and work side by side in partnership.When working together, we can pool our energy and creativity to create learning experiences far beyond what an individual can accomplish. I am reminded of a ‘Lead India’ video that captures the essence of this idea.